Caption This!

Caption This Hall of Fame!


1st: Day One: The herd doesn’t seem to notice that I am an outsider. Soon I will make a full transition into the herd. From Trail Blazer Farms 2nd:On mouse patrol the stable cat takes her role very seriously From Kathleen 3rd:This is our newest herd member, Casper. He’s a 31hh Cat who enjoys staring creepily at the other horses and scratching the stables. From filliefantic.
Foal: “What’s the rope for, Mummy?” Mum: “Horrible things, dear. You really don’t want to know.” *Horrible things is riding…. 😀 from Filliefanatic
You want me to jump that?????????????? From Kathleen
Yay! I got a new Breyer! Isn’t he gorgeous? *gazes lovingly* From filliefanatic
So what are you doing down there…………… You were up here a second ago????? from Kathleen
“Mum, help!” I love the foal’s expression, priceless. From Fillefanatic
I’ll start behaving when you stop dressing me up in pink! from Trail Blazer Farms
Ready or not open wide………………. from Kathleen


“I’m……….not……….CUTE!!” I love this picture!
 From Filliefanatic

‘The Dawn Herald’, from Filliefanatic


I’m not going any where with out my teddy! From Trail Blazer Farms

No way man I’m coming through…………… from Kathleen
Horse: “That’s an interesting horse…….” Cat: “Dude, TicTac. Stat.” 😂😊 from Filliefanatic
“Okay, next time you get turned out, there’s a break in the fence that I want you to go through and open up for me. Got it?” They’re so cute! from Filliefanatic
Noooooooo way woman! Don’t you use that strange dangly thing with me! It won’t work!” from Minki
Do these shoes make my butt look big????? from Kathleen
The new brand of pony nuts were proving more popular than the stable hands were expecting… from Beth from Chestnut Heartbeats
Hey good look- oops, that’s me. from Trail Blazer Farms
Aw Mummy this doesn’t suit me………….. from Kathleen
Rider: “Note to self: next time, tighten the girth BEFORE mounting…” from Beth
“TO INFINITY AND BEYOND!!!!!” from FillieFanatic
Monty flicked his ears and grumbled in order to maintain appearances in front of the other horses, but in reality he thought the pink Monty flicked his ears and grumbled in order to maintain appearances in front of the other horses, but in reality he thought the pink rather suited him, actually. From Beth
Totilas: “Nice try, but you’re doing it wrong! It goes like this.” from Trail Blazer Farms
I told you guys, it’s a ghost!!!! from TBF
Suraja felt certain those dogs and cats were up to something, but exactly what it was he couldn’t quite put his hoof on… from Beth
Vet”There we go! All better.” Horse”There was never anything wrong with it you foolish person.” from Minki
“He shoots, HE SCORES! A stupendous goal for CWS United…”


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