Copperfox 10 Day Challenge: Day 5

Sorry it’s a few days late!

Day five is Create something for your models or try a new skill.

Recently I’ve been using crystals on my tack, so I thought I’d share some of my new pieces on this post! First I made a purple diamonte halter for Doodlebug, 

  and a orange halter with blue and orange crystals for newbie Santos. 

 Then I made a western bridle with pink crystals for Missy,  

 and finally a showmanship style halter with light blue crystals for Doodlebug. 



Introducing CWS’ New Vet

CWS is very lucky to have been able to hire Meg as our new vet. Meg was born in Ireland, but moved to America with her parents when she was three. She has a very interesting accent, mostly American but with a hint of Irish, and her family has been breeding Irish Draughts and Irish Sporthorses since the 1920’s. Meg has been around horses all her life, and certainly knows her way around them. She had a promising career as a cross-country rider, but that was tragically ended when she was 15. Her horse fell and rolled on her, damaging her spine. Luckily the horse was fine, and Meg did mostly recover from the injury. She can still ride (and does so a lot) but found a career as an equine vet. She graduated veteninary college and earnt a Docter of Veteninary Medicine (DVM). Meg came to us with many credentials and we are so glad to have her here as a member of the CWS staff!  

   Poor Meg ended up worming our most difficult horse, Souraja, and she was completely unfazed by his usual antics. Afterwards, she spotted Harley in the Lesson Horse paddock, and the sweet gelding immediately cantered over. After a few weeks, the pair had formed a strong bond and Meg now owns the gelding, but she will board him at CWS and has given permission to be used by other staff and riders, which was very generous of her. Here are some pictures of Meg and Harley’s most recent ride! 




Busy busy!

These last two days have been very productive! I have made a green and polka-dotted foal blanket for Cody,  

 little vest for Brooke, with diamonds on the collar,


And upgraded two old halters, Harley’s and Smarty’s. 


Harley’s now has some really cute little galloping horses on the cheekpieces,


And Smarty’s has a padded fluffy noseband. Smarty’s halter also goes really well with an old bareback pad I made a while ago.

 Also, I made a mint- green quilted saddle pad for Harley. 

I’m really happy with it because I don’t do a lot of sewing and it was sewn by hand. 😀

I don’t think I posted this, but a while ago I made a figure-8 bridle and saddle, I’m pretty happy with the saddle, but I really love the bridle!


I also made a brown saddle, which turned out to have a really flat seat. :/  I do like the girth though!

 Both saddles have half-pads with a “sheepskin” fluffy edge. 

I have a really big WIP (work in progress) but that deserves a post of its own! 🙂