Akecheta’s Halter

Akecheta is my Mustang Breeds of the World Resin. His name means “Fighter” in Sioux, a Native American language. I wanted to make him a bright, interesting halter, but I didn’t have any patterned ribbon. Instead, I used strips of Washi Tape (Japanese paper tape) to accent his halter! I’m soooo happy with it and I think he looks great! I’ll be making some for my Schleichs and Traditionals too! 

If you guys would like any reviews on some horses, let me know in the comments! πŸ™‚ 


Busy busy!

These last two days have been very productive! I have made a green and polka-dotted foal blanket for Cody,  

 little vest for Brooke, with diamonds on the collar,


And upgraded two old halters, Harley’s and Smarty’s. 


Harley’s now has some really cute little galloping horses on the cheekpieces,


And Smarty’s has a padded fluffy noseband. Smarty’s halter also goes really well with an old bareback pad I made a while ago.

 Also, I made a mint- green quilted saddle pad for Harley. 

I’m really happy with it because I don’t do a lot of sewing and it was sewn by hand. πŸ˜€

I don’t think I posted this, but a while ago I made a figure-8 bridle and saddle, I’m pretty happy with the saddle, but I really love the bridle!


I also made a brown saddle, which turned out to have a really flat seat. :/  I do like the girth though!

 Both saddles have half-pads with a “sheepskin” fluffy edge. 

I have a really big WIP (work in progress) but that deserves a post of its own! πŸ™‚  

New Arrivals!


CWS has some new foals! They are bred out of Foxy, one of our best western mares, and an leopard Appaloosa stallion who stands at another stud. Bubbles (Standing) has inherited her sire’s leopard coat and is really bubbly and cheeky! Confetti (laying) has her dam’s bay coat, but with a bay appaloosa blanket. She is really cuddly and affectionate, but a little more shy than her twin. The twins are three months old, as CWS made a deal with the stud farm that the staff there would halter-train them, as they had a very good record with training young horses. Now time for some pictures!

The “Old Barn” has now become the “Mare & Foal Barn” because we also have Zenyatta and her colt stabled there. We will be taking them out soon to meet Cody, Dakota, Rebel, and Boston soon!

Expect regular updates on their progress!