Breyerfest 2016 Horses!

My box of Breyerfest horses arrived, all safe and sound thank goodness! A box from my friend arrived on the same day, containing this adorable classic (Ariat 2007 limited editon) She has really beautiful shading such a sweet face!

I’ll start off with my first special run time. I was ticket number 67, and they pulled 110, so I was WAY back in the line. I was certain my first two picks, the Samba Surprise and Bozeman would be long gone, as my time was also at the end of the day. To my surprise… I got them!!! 😀

Bozeman is such a beauty, Breyer did a magnificinet job of his roaning and even put pinking on his whites. His eyes are so cute, just a stunning model overall. Mine has no issues at all!

Next up is my Samba Surprise. Mine is the rarest realistic colour, second rarest overall and is limited to 627! He has very nice dapples and gorgeous eyes, and again no major flaws woohoo!

My second special run time was one of my favourite memories of Breyerfest! I again was number 67, and they pulled… Number 67!!!!!! I was so surprised, and it was so special to be first in line! I may have shrieked a little lol. I honestly can’t believe they pulled my number out of everyone’s tickets 😀

I got Mamacita y Chico and Sheila,  my third and fourth picks. Mamacita is stunning, and the sculpt is so beautiful and feminine. She has lovely subtle dapples and shading!

Chico is such a sweet little thing! They’re both sooty buckskins but of course Chico is very light as he’s a baby 💕 I’m so happy I got this set and am able to have them in my collection 🙂

Sheila is beautiful, a very nicely shaded chestnut. I didn’t like her markings at first, but now they’ve grown on me and give her a lot more character. The mold is really nice and she has an adorable expression! 

My last special run was Namid, I bought her on Sunday when they were doing the free-for-all! They actually did a half matte and half glossy on her, which was cool! My mum bought her for me (I bought the rest of my horses🙂) and I got matte, which I’m very happy with! The halter was given to me by a lovely little girl, and doesn’t it suit her? 

From the Mercado I bought Copabanca and Chiquita, and also got a t-shirt! Copabanca is very unique and done very nicely, and Chiquita is also well done and ADORABLE! I also purchased Amapa, the single day stablemate.

I only bought one store special, Diablo DC as I wasn’t a massive fan of Dag Dia. I was pleasantly surprised that they still had Diablo in stock, so I picked one with subtle dapples and nice eyes! He is absolutely stunning ❤️

Backtracking a little, the Clarion was an incredible experience amd I got some great deals! On Thursday I bought 2 more stablemate TWH’s for my conga (now at 10, yay!), A King’s Mount Breyer resin, a PS Pony, Oleary and Windtalker💙 

The Peter Stone pony is Wolfman’s Classic, a model that has lots of variations. I got the gelding with one blue eye and the belly spot, and I’m in love with him!

I had arranged to buy Oleary a few days before Breyerfest from someone on Instagram. I’ve wanted Oleary since I first started collecting Breyers, and I’m so thrilled to finally have him! He has some scratches and marks, but nothing major or very noticeable. Last night I made him a halter, dark green with light green crystals.

I made the decision to conga the Smarty Jones mold after I bought Windtalker. He was the first traditional horse I bought at Breyerfest, and I got him for a steal! He has a few little scratches but no overspray whatsoever on his markings, and a gorgeous blue eye!

I went back to the Clarion on Friday night for the Instagram meet, and met some really nice people! Afterwards I walked into a room, just browsing, and I saw Sato and Rushmore! Sato had been on my list and was a decent price, so I was going to buy him but before I could get him another girl bought him. I decided to buy Rushmore instead, and a girl reached up and pulled him off the shelf. She looked at him and put him back, so I grabbed him as fast as I could! I thought she put him back because he was too expensive or had some flaws, but I checked his price and it was half of what I expected!!! He had no major flaws and I’m incredibly glad to have him and bring my conga up to four!

The celebration horse is very nice, but so skinny! He isheavily dappled  and has interesting eyes, plus a pearly finish which is quite pretty.

At Breyerfest I bought some stablemates, the Competing at the Games set, some foals for $1 each, a TB foal for $3, American Pharoah and a beautifully shaded running TB for $2! 

My Best Buy from Breyerfest was when I went to the Clarion on Sunday and looked for a final horse to buy. I didn’t see anything I really wanted, as I was looking for another Stone. I went into the Black Horse Ranch room and looked around. I was just about to leave when I decided to have one more look, and saw a chestnut Old Mold Morgan sitting on a shelf. His price tag said 15, and I snatched him off the shelf and checked him over. He was absolutely flawless and I’m not kidding, I skipped over to the cashier and paid for him! I ended up paying $10 as they had a sale 😊😀 It was a great way to end Breyerfest! I’ll post another post about Breyerfest later 🙂


Other Christmas Horses

Christmas this year has brought some very gorgeous horses, along with other generous gifts!! Before I introduce you all to the new guys, I’d just like to say a massive THANK YOU to my Mum, Nana, and my amazing friend who has added many horses to my collection! ☺️

I got three Schleichs; the Advent Calender Friesian and the Fjord Mare and foal!

 The Friesian is called CWS The King’s Ransom, or Ransom for short.

 The Fjord mare is called CWS Mild Jente, which means gentle girl in Norwegian. Her barn name is Jente. 

 CWS Sommer Orkide, or Orkide for short, is Jente’s foal. (Her name means Summer Orchid in Norwegian, betcha didn’t see that coming!)


This Papo Arabian was a complete surprise, she’s so gorgeous and she has a really lovely face! She needs a name, preferably something Arabian:)

I also got three Breyer Stablemates, two Horse Crazy decorators (which are so cute and sparkly!!) 

 Just need the translucent Mustang now!

 And a re-release Varnish Roan warm blood who came with a rider, tack and jump!! They all need names, and for the Varnish Roan’s name, maybe something to do with copying? 

Last but CERTAINLY not least, my friend gave me three gorgeous Beswick foals! I was so happy, because I really like China horses! I am so thankful for these two beauties! 


2015 Schleich Ardennes Foal

Heres a review of the 2015 Schleich Ardennes Foal! 

Mold: ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ This mold is actually really cute! She is in a frolicking pose and the mold is quite correct in the conformation. The legs are a little thick, but that’s just nitpicking a bit. Her tail is swishing, she has slight feathering and flicked ears. A very nice wee foal with lots of details!

Colour: ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ Her colour is a light bay with pangare on the muzzle, legs and belly. Her tail is light at the top, which is quite a nice detail, and she has a really gorgeous elongated star, with hairing detail as well!

Photography Potential: ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ I’ve given her five stars for photography potential, because she could be splashing in water, gambolling in a field, or playing with another foal! I can’t wait to take her out on a shoot soon!




New Arrivals To The Herd

Here’s a post of all the horses that have joined the CWS herd over the past few months, quite a few have been very generous gifts from a friend! 🙂 I may have put a few up on here before, but I’ll just group them all into one post.

(Quite a few of these new guys and gals don’t have a barn name or show name yet, so feel free to suggest them if you like!)

Show Name: Bailey’s Irish Cream / Barn Name: Bailey / Sex: Mare / Age: 7 years / Breed: Irish Sport Horse / Markings: Blaze / Colour: Bay

My mum bought me this mystery foal set (Her, Heza Smokin’ Gun, SheDunIt) from Equidays, a horsey event held in Hamilton, NZ.

 Show Name: Heza Special Guy / Barn Name: Speck / Sex: Gelding / Age: 12 years / Breed: AQH / Markings: Blaze, small pinto spot on face / Colour: Bay Pintaloosa

My friend gave me this gorgeous little custom Pintaloosa, and he’s so special and cute! 🙂


Show Name: Heza Smokin’ Gun / Barn Name: Gunner / Sex: Stallion / Age: 7 years / Breed: AQH / Markings: Two hind socks, leg barring, dorsal stripe, stripe over withers / Colour: Grulla

Heza Smokin’ Gun came with the Irish Sport Horse mate and SheDunIt, at Equidays 

 Show Name: ? / Barn Name: Buttercup / Sex: Filly / Age: 3 months / Breed: Grade / Markings: Star, snip, sock on off hind and off fore / Colour: Palomino blanket Appaloosa  

My mum also bought me this mystery foal set, it came with her, the Icelandic (Blesi) and Appaloosa (Cheeto) She is such an adorable foal!

Show Name: SheDunIt / Barn Name: Missy / Sex: Filly / Age: 2 months / Breed: Irish Sport Horse x AQH / Markings: Star, sock on near fore, sock on off hind, dorsal stripe/ Colour: Dark dun

SheDunIt came with Bailey’s Irish Cream and Heza Smokin’ Gun. She is a beautiful dark dun and she’s one of my favourite foals.

  Show Name: Blaze of Glory / Barn Name: Blesi / Sex: Stallion/ Age: 7 years / Breed: Icelandic Horse / Markings: Blaze, two front socks  / Colour: Silver Dapple

Blesi was in one of the mystery foal sets, with Cheeto and Buttercup. I love this mold, but I wish the mane didn’t have so much overspray 

  Show Name: ? / Barn Name: Cheeto / Sex: Mare / Age: 9 years / Breed: AQH/  Markings: Blaze / Colour: Palomino Blanket Appaloosa

Yes, Cheeto is this colour. Still a very nice wee model but I wish that the palomino was less orange! 😉
 Show Name: Viento Del Oeste / Barn Name: Zephyrus / Sex: Stallion / Age: 5 years / Markings: N/A / Colour: Light Grey

This is an incredibly special horse. He was given to me by the same generous friend who gave me Heza Special Guy. He is a Stone Chip, and I will be getting his IMEHA (International Model Equine Hobbyists Association) pleadings very soon! Wish me luck!


Show Name: Don’t You Sass Me / Barn Name: Sassy / Sex: Mare / Age: 10 years / Markings: N/A / Colour: Leopard Appaloosa

This Papo mare has a little story behind her. I saw her on a shelf and immediately fell in love. Then I looked at the price tag…and walked away because she was $15 and very damaged. The lady at the counter must have seen me staring at her and said “Oh, I can lower the price for you if you like?” So we agreed on $8, I originally said $10 but she said I could have her for $8! I love her sassy little face and expression, and her spotting is stunning.

Show Name: Tranquility / Barn Name: Peridot / Sex: Mare / Age: 4 years / Breed: ASB/ Markings: N/A / Colour: Mint Green 

I bought this little girl for my ASB conga, and to show in the Decorator classes on IMEHA. She’s practically flawless, even though she had been knocked around a lot in the shop and my bag!tyanks for her show name Beth!


Show Name: Copycat Conspiracy / Barn Name: CC / Sex: Gelding / Age: 9 years / Breed: Dutch Warmblood / Markings: 4 socks, small star  / Colour: Black

My friend also gave me this little BOTW Totilas resin, and he is showing in IMEHA too! I hope he’ll do well, and he’ll be getting a halter soon! Colour suggestions appreciated! 🙂

Show Name: ? / Barn Name: ? / Sex: Colt / Age: 8 months / Markings: Blaze, four socks / Colour: Bay

This is a little Beswick foal that my nana bought me from a charity shop. He’s totally mint and I’ve seen some sell for $80 and up on eBay! I cannot express how much this horse means to me , and he’s also competing in IMEHA, results should be coming in soon!

I hope you like my new horses, and as mentioned before, name suggestions greatly appreciated! Also if there’s any horses you want me to review, comment below and I’ll try to do some soon. 🙂

Schleich Review: Mini Shetty Mare

Here’s a review on the 2015 Mini Shetty Mare  

Mold: ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ This mold is so cute and chubby! She has her mane and tail tied with little bright pink bands which adds to the aww factor. I think it would also be a really nice horse to customise, as she’d suit heaps of coat colours and you could choose different colours for the bands.

Colour:⭐️⭐️⭐️ The colour is a nice flaxen chestnut, with a bit of a crooked blaze and no other white markings. It’s a quite flat colour, and some more shading on the flanks/belly would be pretty nice. She suits it though, and she looks really nice when paired with her chestnut foal.

Photography Potential: ⭐️⭐️⭐️ I’ve given her a bit of a low score for Photography Potential, as I don’t think she’d look that great in a natural setting, unless it was in a paddock. She looks really good in an arena, and also if you had a Schleich stable she would be really adorable in barn/stable photos.


Mane and tail bands
Her little blaze and forelock braids!

Also, if you guys could please comment some ideas for tack and barn things to make, that would be super helpful! 😀😀😀

Breyer Review: Mystery Foal Set Mare SM

Hi guys! Here’s a review for you on my new addition, the Mystery Foal Set Mare. From now on reviews will feature heaps more pics📷

Mold: ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️: This mood is a very nice little stablemate, because it can be a variety of breeds. As of right now, on IMEHA Lady Macbeth is a Thoroughbred x Quarter Horse cross, with some Paint genes further back, but she could also be a Warmblood, such as a Hanoverian or a type of Sporthorse. With this horse in particular, you would have to assign a breed that can have pinto colouring or has been crossed with a Pinto horse.

Colour:⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️: I LOVE this colour! It has beautiful shading and highlights, plus I got a horse which had nice edges on her pinto markings. The only thing I didn’t like on this horse in regards to her colour were her socks, because they were not masked off like some other stablemates and had this weird red gradient between the body colour and the sock.

Photography Potential: ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ Even though Lady Macbeth has not been taken outside for a shoot yet, she still gets four stars because she is trotting in a way that means she is less likely to fall over and get damaged, but also she is moving in a way that can be used for a Performance photography, and riderless photography. 


Shading and Highlights
Nearside Pinto Markings
Offside Pinto Markings

Darker Photo-You can still see her shading!