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Christmas Horses: Breyer Traditonals

(Long overdue sorry!)
I hope you all had a very merry Christmas, and that there were some ponies under the tree! I got some very very special horses this year, and I’ll post them according to brand and size (e.g Breyer Traditonals, Breyer Stablemates, Schleichs etc) So please give a warm welcome to the three new boys at CWS! I’ll post their back stories on Meet The Herd later πŸ™‚

Conker: (Best of British Irish Draught) My mum got me Conker, I’ve been dying for this horse ever since he was released! He’s very special to me! 


Doodlebug: (Snowman) My nana got me Doodlebug, and he’s also very special! It’s really cool to have the normal-tail Idocus and the wind blown one!

 Totilas: “Santa” got me Totilas! I really like the sculpt, especially the face, but mine is very wobbly on his base. 


Bridles and Buckets

I’ve made a couple new things this weekend; a new western bridle for Picasso with braided rainbow split reins 

Then  I painted some clear buckets black, and made brackets for them so they can be put in the corners of the mare and foal barn,

Here are some barn pics too!

(Mrs Sheppard has a bit of a handful here!)

 I’ve also got two other small projects in the final stages of completition, they just need to be baked so expect to see a post on that soon! πŸ™‚