Schleich Fell Pony Presentation Bridle

I made Mr. Darcy (my schleich fell pony stallion) a fancy little presentation bridle! I’m pretty happy with it, and it fits the Shetland pony standing stallion too!



Schleich Arena PhotosΒ 

Had some fun today taking these pics! hope you like them! πŸ™‚ 

Lucy trots Tiffany, the hot-headed Arabian mare, over the cavaletti
She soon starts to work out Cailloux, the Camargue one day eventer pony over the cavaletti


Our new Gypsy Vanner mare and her foal, at liberty in the indoor arena
One of the trainers teaches a junior rider how to ride Goldie over trot poles
Another trainer poses for a photo with a beginner rider, after a successful lesson on Acorn
Lucy rides one of the best showjumpers, Bella Rose, towards a small cross-rail
An unnamed new Fell pony foal, comment ideas for names below!! πŸ™‚

Deer Pics!

Apart from collecting Schleich and Breyer horses, I also sometimes pick up a few Schleich animals. A few months ago, I got the Schleich red deer fawn for free with the Schleich stamp card. I’ve been wanting her parents for a while now, but never seemed to get around to buying them.  I’ve managed to finish off my Schleich Red Deer family today! Of course, they all went up to the local park with me for photos, so here they are! There’ll be two more lots of photos up in a day or two πŸ™‚