Schleich Fell Pony Presentation Bridle

I made Mr. Darcy (my schleich fell pony stallion) a fancy little presentation bridle! I’m pretty happy with it, and it fits the Shetland pony standing stallion too!



Schleich Blankets!

Over the past dew days, I’ve made several Schleich blankets, and I’m really happy with how they turned out!  

 First, I made a felt turn-out rug for Spitfire, with a matching halter and boots, all with hand-made buckles, which turned out really nice considering this was the first time I made the buckles.

Then a pony-sized orange stable blanket, again with a matching halter and lead rope for Dusky. 

 I really enjoyed making the orange stable blanket, so I attempted another one in black and pink for Rosie. I’m really happy with the stable blankets! 

Next, I made a princess-inspired  cooler sheet for my shire mare, Butterfly. This has pink chest straps and a white and pink surcingle. I love the way it matches the ties in her mane and tail.

This blanket is a little bit older, and it’s for my custom Lippizanner mare, Legacy.  

 I also made some orange boots for Destiny, and they have hand-made buckles too.  

Hope you like them!