Schleich Blankets!

Over the past dew days, I’ve made several Schleich blankets, and I’m really happy with how they turned out!  

 First, I made a felt turn-out rug for Spitfire, with a matching halter and boots, all with hand-made buckles, which turned out really nice considering this was the first time I made the buckles.

Then a pony-sized orange stable blanket, again with a matching halter and lead rope for Dusky. 

 I really enjoyed making the orange stable blanket, so I attempted another one in black and pink for Rosie. I’m really happy with the stable blankets! 

Next, I made a princess-inspired  cooler sheet for my shire mare, Butterfly. This has pink chest straps and a white and pink surcingle. I love the way it matches the ties in her mane and tail.

This blanket is a little bit older, and it’s for my custom Lippizanner mare, Legacy.  

 I also made some orange boots for Destiny, and they have hand-made buckles too.  

Hope you like them!