Custom #4

 Last one! This is Signo de Exclamación, which means exclamation mark in Spanish. I named him this because of his facial marking, which was actually a mistake but a mistake I’m now in love with! His plain black with a slightly lighter mane and tail, and grey hooves. He has one very pale blue eye and a brown eye.   




Custom #3

This guy is actually a paint-over, not a full custom but he definitely took a while! 😆

I painted on Native American war horse markings, and followed this photo, so they are accurate. I didn’t use all of them, just a few. 🙂 


His name is Chitto, which means brave in the Native American language called Creek.

I’m so happy with all his markings, especially the ring around his eye and the handprint!




Custom #2

Meet Atlas! Atlas is a pure black Andalusian stallion, with brown eyes and no white. I’m really thrilled with this boy, his paint is nice and smooth, and he looks like a horse I saw a few years ago at El Caballo Blanco, a show with performing Andalusians. 

 This is the poster that was the inspiration for Atlas! 





I have some new customs that I haven’t posted yet on CWS! First up is CWS Phantom of the Opera. He is a piebald Gypsy Vanner, with three socks, hoof stripes, a brown eye and a blue eye. He has a white marking on his face that I painted to look like the mask the Phantom wore! I also painted his coat to make it look fluffy, like it would be in winter. He’s certainly not perfect, but I love him!


Horse Crazy Stablemates Review!


Molds: ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ Breyer have chosen, in my opinion, some very popular SM molds for the horse crazy stablemates! From left to right; the G3 Walking Arabian, the G3 Cantering Warmblood, the G3 Tennessee Walking Horse (my personal favourite mold and horse in the Horse Crazy series), the G3 Belgian, and the G2 American Saddlebred. There is also the G3 Mustang, in translucent purple, but I haven’t got him yet.

Colours: ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ I really like the colours Breyer has chosen for the Horse Crazy stablemates! From left to right; frosted light purple, frosted pink, translucent pink, frosted blue, and frosted mint green. I personally would have preferred if Breyer had made three frosted colours, and three translucent, instead of four frosted and two translucent horses. All of them have a silvery glitter mane and tail, which is a nice touch and differentiates the mane and tail from the rest of the body colour. 

Photography Potential: ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ I’m actually giving these guys a higher score than I thought I would, because I show them on IMEHA (International Model Equine Horse Association) and they tend to do very well in the decorator classes! Obviously, they wouldn’t look the most realistic in a field, but when photographed against white paper or neutral they look very striking!



New Arrivals To The Herd

Here’s a post of all the horses that have joined the CWS herd over the past few months, quite a few have been very generous gifts from a friend! 🙂 I may have put a few up on here before, but I’ll just group them all into one post.

(Quite a few of these new guys and gals don’t have a barn name or show name yet, so feel free to suggest them if you like!)

Show Name: Bailey’s Irish Cream / Barn Name: Bailey / Sex: Mare / Age: 7 years / Breed: Irish Sport Horse / Markings: Blaze / Colour: Bay

My mum bought me this mystery foal set (Her, Heza Smokin’ Gun, SheDunIt) from Equidays, a horsey event held in Hamilton, NZ.

 Show Name: Heza Special Guy / Barn Name: Speck / Sex: Gelding / Age: 12 years / Breed: AQH / Markings: Blaze, small pinto spot on face / Colour: Bay Pintaloosa

My friend gave me this gorgeous little custom Pintaloosa, and he’s so special and cute! 🙂


Show Name: Heza Smokin’ Gun / Barn Name: Gunner / Sex: Stallion / Age: 7 years / Breed: AQH / Markings: Two hind socks, leg barring, dorsal stripe, stripe over withers / Colour: Grulla

Heza Smokin’ Gun came with the Irish Sport Horse mate and SheDunIt, at Equidays 

 Show Name: ? / Barn Name: Buttercup / Sex: Filly / Age: 3 months / Breed: Grade / Markings: Star, snip, sock on off hind and off fore / Colour: Palomino blanket Appaloosa  

My mum also bought me this mystery foal set, it came with her, the Icelandic (Blesi) and Appaloosa (Cheeto) She is such an adorable foal!

Show Name: SheDunIt / Barn Name: Missy / Sex: Filly / Age: 2 months / Breed: Irish Sport Horse x AQH / Markings: Star, sock on near fore, sock on off hind, dorsal stripe/ Colour: Dark dun

SheDunIt came with Bailey’s Irish Cream and Heza Smokin’ Gun. She is a beautiful dark dun and she’s one of my favourite foals.

  Show Name: Blaze of Glory / Barn Name: Blesi / Sex: Stallion/ Age: 7 years / Breed: Icelandic Horse / Markings: Blaze, two front socks  / Colour: Silver Dapple

Blesi was in one of the mystery foal sets, with Cheeto and Buttercup. I love this mold, but I wish the mane didn’t have so much overspray 

  Show Name: ? / Barn Name: Cheeto / Sex: Mare / Age: 9 years / Breed: AQH/  Markings: Blaze / Colour: Palomino Blanket Appaloosa

Yes, Cheeto is this colour. Still a very nice wee model but I wish that the palomino was less orange! 😉
 Show Name: Viento Del Oeste / Barn Name: Zephyrus / Sex: Stallion / Age: 5 years / Markings: N/A / Colour: Light Grey

This is an incredibly special horse. He was given to me by the same generous friend who gave me Heza Special Guy. He is a Stone Chip, and I will be getting his IMEHA (International Model Equine Hobbyists Association) pleadings very soon! Wish me luck!


Show Name: Don’t You Sass Me / Barn Name: Sassy / Sex: Mare / Age: 10 years / Markings: N/A / Colour: Leopard Appaloosa

This Papo mare has a little story behind her. I saw her on a shelf and immediately fell in love. Then I looked at the price tag…and walked away because she was $15 and very damaged. The lady at the counter must have seen me staring at her and said “Oh, I can lower the price for you if you like?” So we agreed on $8, I originally said $10 but she said I could have her for $8! I love her sassy little face and expression, and her spotting is stunning.

Show Name: Tranquility / Barn Name: Peridot / Sex: Mare / Age: 4 years / Breed: ASB/ Markings: N/A / Colour: Mint Green 

I bought this little girl for my ASB conga, and to show in the Decorator classes on IMEHA. She’s practically flawless, even though she had been knocked around a lot in the shop and my bag!tyanks for her show name Beth!


Show Name: Copycat Conspiracy / Barn Name: CC / Sex: Gelding / Age: 9 years / Breed: Dutch Warmblood / Markings: 4 socks, small star  / Colour: Black

My friend also gave me this little BOTW Totilas resin, and he is showing in IMEHA too! I hope he’ll do well, and he’ll be getting a halter soon! Colour suggestions appreciated! 🙂

Show Name: ? / Barn Name: ? / Sex: Colt / Age: 8 months / Markings: Blaze, four socks / Colour: Bay

This is a little Beswick foal that my nana bought me from a charity shop. He’s totally mint and I’ve seen some sell for $80 and up on eBay! I cannot express how much this horse means to me , and he’s also competing in IMEHA, results should be coming in soon!

I hope you like my new horses, and as mentioned before, name suggestions greatly appreciated! Also if there’s any horses you want me to review, comment below and I’ll try to do some soon. 🙂